Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan

The Problem Being Addressed: Over 60,000 children in Pakistan are suffering from thalassemia major, the most common fatal genetic disease in the world. Because of lack of knowledge or availability of tests in many areas of Pakistan, 5000 children are born with this disease each year. The weekly treatment needed by theses children to stay alive is a huge economic burden on affected families because the cost is often higher than their total income. Consequently, the majority of children do not live longer than adolescence. A second option to life-long supportive care is a cure, through bone marrow transplantation. Its cost is equivalent to a few years of supportive therapy, after which the child begins a normal life.

Project History: In 2008 Cure2Children (C2C) began a partnership with the National Institute for Blood Diseases (NIBD) in Karachi, the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), and Shifa International Hospital in Islamabad; with the aim of providing financial and professional support for at least six transplants for each Pakistani institution that was willing to work with C2C under our mission objectives and principles, including:

  • Providing family support throughout treatment, pre-treatment, and post-op recovery (usually a span of six months). This support includes a fully subsidized apartment close to the hospital, as well as screening and prevention for all family members to prevent new cases of thalassemia.
  • Offering future transplants at a non-profit rate.

From January 2007 untill December 2010 this project received €400,000 of funding from the Cure2Children Foundation by way of grant from Fondazione Banca Monte Dei Paschi di Siena and donations from Italy. In December 2010, this project was acknowledged by the Pakistani- Italian Government cooperation and received a long-term grant of 85 million PKR (approx. €700,000) for the “Cure and Prevention of Thalassemia Major project”, under the Pakistani Italian Debt-for-development Swap Agreement (PIDSA) program. As of July 2020 close to 2,000 families have been registered and offered counselling and screening of extended family members; a total of 200 children have undergone transplantation with results comparable to those obtainable in affluent countries but at a much reduced cost. This work has been validated in several scientific publications on international peer-reviewed journals, see Publications

Current status:
C2C has now transferred his offices to Dr. Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital (ANTH) a 500 bedded hospital, owned by Islamabad Medical & Dental College which is affiliated with Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University where a new 5-bed BMT facility is about to be completed. Transplant will be perfomed in compliance with international quality standards.  

Project manager:

  • Dr Sadaf Khalid - Cure2Children Pakistan branch coordinator


  • Prof Khalid Hassan - Senior Consultant Hematologist and Program Co-Director
  • Dr Lawrence Faulkner - Bone Marrow Transplant specialist and Program Co-Director
  • Dr Naghmi Asif - Consultant Hematologist
  • Dr Alya Batool - Consultant Hematologist
  • Dr Sarah Khan Gilani - Consultant BMT and Pediatrics
  • Dr Sadaf Khalid - Cure2Children Pakistan branch coordinator and project manager
  • Azra Shaheen - Nursing coordinator
  • Fauzia Tabassum - Office coordinator
  • Fazia Shoukat - Family support and HLA typing coordinator 


Donation Information Cure2Children is a registered non-governmental organization, n. 4(2) EAINGO/2009 in Pakistan. Our National Tax number is 3394218-8. You can donate directly to this project by sending a wire transfer to: Account Name: Cure2children Foundation Account # 23397900408601 HBL Aamir Plaza Blue Area Islamabad Pakistan
Contact information:
Fauzia Tabassum (Cure2Children Foundation)
Dr Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital, adjacent to Islamabad Medical & Dental College(IMDC), Wadi-ul-IIm Main Murree Road, Satra Mile, Bahrakahu. Islamabad, 45400 Pakistan.
Phone: +92-3353222048