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Video: “All About Thalassemia - Cartoon” by Thalassemia International Federation

Still a little confused about what “thalassemia” and “blood disorders” are? Watch this adorable cartoon video “All About Thalassemia,” created by the Thalassemia International Federation -
What is thalassemia?
Thalassemia is a genetic disease that causes weakening and destruction of red blood cells. This occurs due to a deficit in the formation of the protein hemoglobin which carries oxygen in red blood cells. Thalassemia can cause significant complications, including pneumonia, iron overload, bone deformities and cardiovascular illness. A thalassemia patient usually needs blood transfusions every 2-4 weeks to keep on living. Unfortunately, this costly disease is particularly common among poor people. Without regular blood transfusion, they would die within a few years.
Thalassemia is one of the most common inherited blood disorders known to mankind. It is estimated that at least 12 children are born with Thalassemia disease every hour in the world. With over 490 million thalassemia carriers in the world, in the absence of a comprehensive thalassemia prevention program, children with thalassemia disease will continue to be born straining the medical, social and economic resources of many nations
Watch this video and spread word. 


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