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Vanishree's bone marrow transplant is done

Vanishree is a 7 year old girl who had thalassemia, she comes from a village 100 Km from Bangalore. Her mother happenned to be fully compatible and donated her bone marrow which was transplanted on 16 November 2019. Her course was pretty much uneventful and on December 5, 19 days after her BMT, she was discharged to our local flats. She received her last blood transfusion on November 28, 12 days after the transplant, and at her last visit on January 23, 2020, 68 days after  her transplant, the henoglobin is 12.4 g/dL which is very good considering that her donor is a thalassemia carrier. We will continue to follow Vanishree and wish her a great life.

From left to right Sandeep (BMTU head nurse), Dr Stalin (head BMTU), Dr Paula (junior consultant in training from Brazil) Vanishree and parents, ibrahim and Amos (training nurses from Nigeria), Abhijith (BMT coordinator), Bina and Remya (Senior nurses).

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