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STOPThalassemia Center in Sri Lanka is all set to start

In Sri Lanka there are approximately 2,000 children living with thalassemia major, more born every day, and no center offering a cure. To keep these children alive, each child must receive a bi-weekly blood transfusion, indefinitely, in addition to regular chelation (a process that drain toxic levels of iron from the blood). These life-long treatments also drain a sizable proportion of the national health budget.
Cure2Children’s partner organisation in Sri Lanka, Kurunegala Thalassemia Association has recently organized a one day camp for Thalassemia patients in Kurunegala where HLA typing for 100 patients have been done and oral health checkup for all the thalassemia patients attended have also been carried out with support of two dental surgeons.
The highlight of the day was the attendance of the Chief minister and the Provincial Health Minister who promised to support in establishing a bone marrow transplant center (BMT) in Kurunegala soon. Cure2children is very happy about the progress in Sri Lanka and we hope to start the STOPThalassemia center in collaboration with Kurunegala Thalassemia Association focused on prevention and cure of thalassemia in Sri Lanka.
Setting up bone marrow transplantation in Sri Lanka will have the opportunity to save thousands of children and alleviate the emotional and financial burden that living with thalassemia has on thousands of families. Help us make this possible. Help us move forward with this project. Donate today at:


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