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Rajasthan Government recognizes Cure2Children’s STOP Thalassemia unit in Jaipur, India

The Cure2Children Foundation in collaboration with Manav Sewa Sangh Prem Niketan Hospital, also called, the South East Asia Institute for Thalassemia, or SEAIT, established the first and only bone marrow transplant (BMT) unit in Rajasthan, a state in India with 60 million people and several thousand children with thalassemia major and other diseases curable by bone marrow transplantation. To date, ten bone marrow transplants have been performed, free of cost at this center. All of the center’s first ten transplanted children are doing well and no longer suffer from thalassemia. They are all cured.

The regional government of Rajasthan first showed support for Cure2Children’s STOP Thalassemia center in Jaipur by providing a free iron chelation medicines and blood tests for thalassemia major patients. Now, after the center has proven its ability to provide affordable treatment that meets global standards of care, the Rajasthan government issued an order on April 17, 2013 recognizing SEAIT as an authorized hospital for treatment of thalassemia patients. The government also took one step beyond and has committed to coveringthe cost of all BMTs for curing children from low-income families.
Thalassemia major patients from economically challenged families, whose annual family income is less than INR 2.50 lakhs (5000 USD), can now undergo free treatment at SEAIT. For bone marrow transplant of thalassemia major patients, financial support would be provided from Rajasthan Chief Minister Relief Fund. SEAIT the only BMT center working in Rajasthan for the eradication of thalassemia, after due recognition from the State Government will now be able to perform transplants of low income group thalassemia patients too.
For BMT, lakhs of funds is required and only financially sound patients were able to go for it. This support from the State Government has enlightened the way of living full and healthy life to such patients from low income families for whom access and affordability to undergo BMT is very far away. This remarkable initiative of the Government for thalassemia patients deserves special appreciation.
Approval by Government of Rajasthan as an authorized center along with financial aid will go a long way in fulfilling the mission and vision of the hospital to serve the thalassemia patients
The Cure2Children Foundation, SEAIT and thalassemia patients express sincere gratitude to Honourable Chief Minister of the state of Rajasthan and State Government for this valuable support.
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