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In need of a vacation and wanting to do good? Come to India with Cure2Children!

What is social tourism?

Social tourism is about traveling to places where social welfare activities take place. It is about enjoying the sites and experiences that a place has to offer while contributing to the welfare of the people who live there.

Social tourism with Cure2Children ensures that local families own the hotel where you are staying. Social tourism with Cure2Children means supporting locally owned restaurants and businesses. Social tourism with Cure2Children means experiencing real local culture guided by the very people who know it most, the people who live there. Most of all, social tourism with Cure2Children means supporting the work we do and ensuring that more children have access to life-saving treatment.
Want to travel to India?
What better way to enjoy India than also feel part of it! A way to see the wonders of India and appreciate how your contribution and support to Cure2Children translates into useful and tangible help to families and children in India.
In 2013, Cure2Children will begin collaborating with local partners in Jaipur and Madurai to offer our supporters the opportunity of tasting the real India while supporting the local community.
First stops: Jaipur, Agra, and Madurai
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