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Helping children with thalassemia - Sankalp India Foundation’s experience

Sankalp India Foundation envisages that “every child suffering from thalassemia shall get proper care and treatment.” Sankalp’s support to children suffering from thalassemia started in the year 2011.
An exclusive and dedicated day care center for thalassemia was set up by Sankalp on November 14, 2011 at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health Hospital (IGICH) in Bangalore to cater to the needs of children with thalassemia. Around 200 children with thalassemia are now supported for their treatment through this centre.
Sankalp with the help of its volunteers from the IT sector fraternity designed an online thalassemia management application for providing digitally managed treatment plan for management and control of thalassemia. This is the first of its kind in India.
Features of the online application tool includes- entire treatment plan will be digitally managed using online application, critical parameters related to each patients can be carefully monitored, this electronic system will prepare a visit plan for the patient on each visit ensuring that the delivery of treatment is strictly as per the norms.
Impact seen with the use of this online application tool are:

  • ensure regular blood transfusion for all thalassemia patients 
  • ensuring regular tests- hematology, serology and bio-chemistry 
  • ensure no new child born with thalassemia

Now that Sankalp has ensured regular and proper thalassemia treatment support for all children coming to the day care centre, plans are now afoot to provide free HLA typing and offer bone marrow transplant for all eligible patients. Sankalp India is closely working with Cure2Children Foundation to set up a bone marrow transplantattion (BMT) unit in IGICH.
Other initiatives of Sankalp India Foundation:
The Blood Helpline: Sankalp helps people in Bangalore to find closest blood bank where safe blood is available. 35+ blood requests are taken every day by Sankalp.
Voluntary blood donation camps: Sankalp strives to ensure sufficient stocks in blood banks by conducting voluntary blood donation camps. More than 35,000 units of blood collected in camps so far.
Visit Sankalp India Foundation website to learn more about them and their voluntary actions -
Cure2Children is very happy for its association with Sankalp India Foundation. We wish them all the success in their future endeavour.



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