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Help us make thalassemia a disease of the past.

Thalassemia is a genetic condition in which affected children need monthly blood transfusions and daily medications to reduce body iron build-up in their blood stream to stay alive. Thalassemic children need monthly blood transfusions indefinitely.
Carriers of thalassemia, are people with only one (not two) genes for thalassemia. They lead normal lives. Their carrier status  can be detected by performing a special blood test called Hb electrophoresis where HbA2 is elevated. When both parents are carriers, the baby has a 25% risk of being born with thalassemia major. When that happens, the only curative option is a bone marrow transplant (BMT). Unfortunately BMT is not available everywhere nor at a cost that everyone can afford.
Cure2Children strives to create a world where every child suffering from thalassemia has the chance for an affordable and reliable cure, locally.
Working towards this vision, Cure2Children works with local medical centers in areas with high rates of thalassemia and assists them in establishing tertiary care units that offer prevention, treatment, and cure (via bone marrow transplant) for children with thalassemia. Cure2Children works to ensure that each local center can offer a safe and affordable cure locally with globally competitive results.
The Cure2Children Foundation has helped to establish STOP thalassemia centers in Jaipur, India and Islamabad, Pakistan. Both of these centers are currently locally operated, locally funded, and continuing to cure children with thalassemia without the need of outside donor assistance.
After receiving training and support from the Cure2Children Foundation, these two centers have gone on to conduct 91 bone marrow transplants (BMTs) for thalassemia (including some high risk cases, with lower > 5cm). Of the 91 BMTs conducted locally for little or no cost to the patient and his/her family, 78 patients are now alive, healthy, and thalassemia free! (Note that the majority of unsuccessful cures resulted from high-risk thalassemia patients).
At the moment Cure2Chilren is working to establish more STOP thalassemia centers in Iraq, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Yemen, and India (Bangalore).
Below is a list of actions that you can do to help Cure2Children to provide access to a safe and affordable cure for children suffering from thalassemia.

1) Learn about thalassemia and spread the word.Learn more about thalassemia and help us spread the world. You can participate in our work and also join us as a volunteer helping to reach out to more people.

2) Donate blood, help children with thalassemia:
Until we can open a bone marrow transplant center in every country with high rates of thalassemia, these patients only option for staying alive is receiving monthly blood transfusions. But the cost of blood is unaffordable. Donors your blood gives thalassemia patients what they need to stay alive. We urge people to donate blood for children with thalassemia in your city/ state/ country.

3) Like us on Facebook and help the cause get visibility.

4) Follow us on Twitter and re-tweet our tweets.

5) Help us open a STOP thalassemia center in Pune, India- Donate now online at  

6) Write to us at if you wish to start a Cure2Children ambassador’s club at your university 



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