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Haploidentical transplant for sickle cell disease discharged

Kamdili is almost 2 years old. had sickle cell disease and comes from Nigeria.
He received a bone marrow transplantation from his partially compatible (haploidentical) father on February 6th, 2020. Even if we have done many haploidentical transplants to cure children with thalassemia, Kamdili is our first child with sickle cell disease. He tolerated the transplant quite well and was discharged today. A blood test showed that 96% of DNA in his blood is now paternal, confirming good engraftment. Things may still happen and he will have to stay in Bangalore for another 4 to 6 months. After this period, if he continues to do well, we expect him to go back to a normal health-related quality of life. This achievement by the Sankalp India Foundation and Cure2Children is particularly important because in Africa there are hundreds of thousands of children with sickle cell disease most of whom do not normally survive beyond age 10 years and may have a very poor quality of life. Most importantly, the ability to perform a transplant from a partially matched family member, which normally is available for the great majority of children, greatly extend potential access to cure.
We thank DKMS and other supporters for their technical and financial help as well as the family of Kamdili for having entrusted on us their beloved child.


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