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Cure2Children urge people to donate blood for children with thalassemia

Donate blood, help children with thalassemia:
Regular blood transfusion is the only option for thalassemia patients to survive. The cost of blood is unaffordable for many. Replacing blood donors for obtaining blood is an option. But, sometimes parents have difficulty to find a blood donor for their child. We urge people to donate blood for children with thalassemia.
What is thalassemia?
Thalassemia is a severe disorder of the blood. Affected persons can’t form proper hemoglobin, a chemical in the red blood cells (RBCs) that is responsible for carrying oxygen through the body.
Most patients are children, as thalassemia appears in the first months of life but also because it is a deadly condition when remaining untreated, living until adulthood is rather unusual.
The red blood cells collapse due to the unstable hemoglobin structure, one suffers from anemia, a low number of RBCs. This can only be treated with a blood transfusion every three weeks.
Unfortunately the transfusion causes another major problem in thalassemia patients – iron overload. It damages vital organs such as the liver, spleen and heart and can become a serious condition. The iron excess can be removed through giving medicines, called iron chelation drugs.
Children with thalassemia major are normal at birth but become anemic between the age of three and eighteen months. They are pale, do not sleep well, do not want to eat, and may vomit frequently after feeding. If thalassemia major remains untreated, children usually die between one and eight years of age.


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