About Us

Our Vision

Every child, whether suffering from leukemia, cancer, thalassemia, or sickle cell disease, has the chance for an affordable and reliable cure, locally. A global medical database connects tertiary care centers around the world and enables consolidated research, south-south partnerships, and most importantly, improved standards of care.

Our Mission

(1) To help children with cancer and severe blood disorders in undeserved regions gain access to a local, affordable, and reliable cure for their condition. (2) To research organizational and entrepreneurship models for sustainable tertiary healthcare in lower income countries starting from life-threatening disorders of children.

Our Values

We conduct every one of our actions with the following in mind:

  • Every child’s life has equal value.

    All children, from wealthier countries to poorer countries, deserve access to the same quality and standards of care. We ensure that our staff works with the best professionals available locally and teaches them to adhere to the highest global medical standards.

  • Access to medicine is a basic human right.

    Parents should not have to choose between selling their home and saving their child. We teach local medical centers to cure children with blood disorders at 1/10th the traditional cost. Medical centers trained by Cure2Children always operate on a not-for-profit basis.

  • Research and frugal innovation.

    Research conducted together with local partners is the only way to move forward. Research enables doctors and nurses to learn, and apply improved context-appropriate solutions. When individual experiences are not recorded and consolidated, they cannot be analyzed and learned from. Cure2Children invests in local research, data management software, and online communication tools to ensure that the future continues to be better than the past.

  • Sustainability is key.

    To make a lasting difference, local medical centers must be able to continue curing children with blood disorders long after Cure2Children has left the area. We make sure that each medical center is staffed with trained local healthcare professionals. We help each medical center design and implement a sustainable funding mechanism before diminishing our financial contribution to that center.

Our Model

Target -> Understand -> Teach -> Transfer

Target means, responding to requests from high burden areas; selecting committed and passionate local professionals; and, building and equipping the local medical center.

Understand means, researching the local situation. It means asking the questions: What is needed to ensure the success of this local project? What is missing for this center to cure children locally? What research could improve standards of care for the local and global community fighting this disease?

Teach means, training the selected local professionals to sustain this medical center. After the training is complete, Cure2Children's medical team leads local staff through the 1st bone marrow transplantation at the new center, assist local staff with the 2nd bone marrow transplant, and steps back to observe as local staff conducts the 3rd bone marrow transplant.

Transfer means, handing over the center to the local team while ensuring their success. It means monitoring patients from afar through a real-time online patient database; integrating the local center in a global network; collecting data in order to validate procedures and outcomes that can be shared through peer-reviewed scientific media and improve global standards of care. Also, design and implementing a local and sustainable funding mechanism.

Success for Cure2Children means that:

  • One more local medical center is offering a cure to children long after Cure2Children has left the area.
  • Research is shared and applied to improve global standards of care for children.

​Cure2Children is registered as a 501(c)3 organization in the United States, a charitable trust of the United Kingdom, and a non-profit organization in Italy. See Our Offices for more information.