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Without Cure2Children’s STOPThalassemia center, little Zainab would have to have blood transfusions for the rest of her life, increasing her risk of acquiring other blood maladies. However thanks to the presence of this STOPThalassemia center in Islamabad, Zainab is cured and will spend the rest of her life living like a normal child. Give Zainab’s story a voice, read it.

Abeera Noor will celebrate her fourth birthday this coming October, as a healthy, thalassemia free child. Her parents no longer need to worry about paying for monthly blood transfusions or worry if Abeera will be able to grow properly without enough red blood cells. Join the STOPThalassemia movement. Start by giving people with thalssemia a voice. Read Abeera’s story.

Today, Rameez is 4 years old and thalassemia free. No more blood transfusions. No more chelation therapy. No more sleepless nights for Azam and Fatima (until their boys become teenagers, of course). Read this story to understand what it is like for so many families affected by thalassemia.

Prevention is better than cure. Thalassemia is a completely preventable blood disorder. See how the Cure2Children Foundation works for the prevention of thalassemia.

Cure2Children helps local medical centers establish globally competitive cure and prevention units that assist children suffering from leukemia, cancer, thalassemia, and sickle cell disease right in their own country. Checkout how Cure2Children provides an affordable and reliable cure for these children.